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Browse our vocals, using our specialized filters to specify your specific requirements (Vocal Type, Bpm, Key, etc.). Once you have found a vocal which inspires you, add it to your cart, and simply checkout!

Finally, choose your preferred method of payment, and once the transaction has gone through, you will immediately receive an email from us at HiVocals, containing a download link to your files.

An 'Exclusive Vocal' is an accapella owned by one singular buyer.

When purchasing an 'Exclusive Vocal', you are purchasing a full buy-out of the master copyright, granting you 100% ownership of the vocal recordings (stems); this includes all royalties made from the use, and monetization, of the purchased vocal.

Some of our talent may require a 50% share of publishing, which would be listed within the product description if applicable. However, our Vocalists will never have a share in any streaming royalties.

A 'Non-Exclusive Vocal' is an accapella which can be licensed by multiple buyers.

When purchasing a 'Non-Exclusive Vocal', you have the rights to use the vocal in any of your upcoming releases. You also with-hold the right to keep 100% of the streaming royalties made through the monetization your track; however, you do not own the accapella, nor lyrics. You are simply purchasing a license to use this non-exclusive content.

The HiVocals Marketplace is not involved in contracts or agreements between our buyers and sellers. However, all vocals on our marketplace are cleared for release on all platforms and are completely royalty-free (meaning the buyer is entitled to monetize and collect all royalties from the release of a track, created with the purchased vocal stems.)

It is forbidden to re-sell any non-exclusive accapella stems from Any breech of this policy will result in prosecution in the court of law.


HiVocals is run by artists, for artists. We hear and support the changes our vocalists and buyers wish to see in this industry, and vow to our users to uphold those values. HiVocals believes in the fair payment of the artists who upload to our site.

Here at HiVocals, we offer a low commission rate of 15% of our talents uploads, allowing them to earn more here than when using our competitors services. We ensure payments to arrive to our artists in full, on time, everytime. So if you're looking for reliability and fair rates, we are the site for you.

All vocals uploaded to our site have been manually assessed and accepted by our HiVocals team; ensuring the highest quality of vocals available for purchase on the site. Finally, we also offer a filtration of vocals through genre, which is unique to HiVocals and unavailable when using many of our competitors.

Scroll to the very bottom to any of our pages and in the bottom right you will find a drop down menu where you can select your currency.

If you have any other questions or suggestions to help us further improve our service for you, please feel free to reach out! Our team is always happy to help and improve our site!

- HiVocals