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Frequently Asked Questions by our Sellers. Browse through frequently asked questions by our Sellers.

Login to your artist account then click UPLOAD VOCALS.

Click the green ADD VOCAL button.

Enter the vocal title.

Set the price for your vocal: Exclusive Vocals can be priced at whatever price you see fit. For consistent sales we recommend between $200 to $499. Non-Exclusive Vocals can also be priced to whatever price you see fit, however, this is normally around the $39.99 mark.

Upload your Vocal Zip Folder: 200 MB max
Upload Your MP3 Vocal Demo: 10 MB max.
Upload Your Artist Image (must be 800x800): 15 MB max.

Select what BPM, Key and Type the vocal is. Then select what is included in the .ZIP file.

Click the green UPLOAD button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Wait a few minutes until you see a green “success!” pop-up. If you see a red error pop-up, double check your file sizes and try again.

Your vocal upload will need to be approved by our HiVocals team. We commit to under a 24 hour maximum wait time.

Sell you Exclusive/Non-Exclusive vocals with us by creating an account with us in our “Sell Your Vocals” tab, located at the top of our page! This will take you to our Sellers log in page where you can now go ahead and click “Join Now”. After creating your account with us and signing in using the same ’Sell Your Vocals” tab, you will now be in your Artist Dashboard! 

Here at HiVocals, our team provide all vocalists signed up to our site with unlimited access to our copyright free instrumentals. You can locate these instrumentals within your artist account dashboard.

You can alternatively use platforms, such as YouTube, to find instrumentals for you to write and record to; just make sure that all videos used are
listed as “Free-Use Instrumental” “Royalty-Free Instrumental” or “No Copyright”.

Alternativley, if you are uploading a cover accapella to our site, search YouTube for the “Karaoke Instrumental” of the song you wish to sing.

Definitely! You are more than welcome to upload your past releases; however this is only applicable assuming you still hold all of the rights to the original vocal recordings.

Not neccessary. Your vocals do not have to be recorded in a professional recording studio; however they will need to meet a high level of both quality and over-all desirability for our HiVocal team to approve your sale.

Many of our customers are getting their productions signed to major record labels and building sizeable followings, so recording your vocals directly into your phone will most probably not meet our expectations.

Everyone has to start somewhere! A popular, yet affordable option for beginners would be the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Generation USB Audio Interface Bundle.

You can find this bundle on Amazon for $238 and will include all of the essentials for recording your vocals from home! (eg. Condenser Microphone, Studio Headphones, an XLR Cable and an Audio interface)
We would also recommend investing in a pop-filter to really take your vocal quality to the next level.

HiVocals sends pay-outs to artists WEEKLY. The only time we can't send daily is if a payment made by a customer is on hold.

Set up your payouts on the “Profile” tab in your Artist Account by clicking on “Payment Details” and entering your PayPal/Internet Banking information.

All singers on the site keep 80% of their sales!

If you sell a vocal for $99.99, you will receive $79.99!

Please try to include the MP3 Demo, WAV Stems (DRY), Wav Stems (WET) and Lyrics. Instrumental is optional.

If you are looking to make sales consistently, and relatively quickly, we recommend pricing your vocals within a $200-$399 price point.

When you are looking to price your vocals within the $399-$599 range, you'll want to make sure you have a exceedingly strong song, alongside an exceptional vocal delivery.

Despite all of this, here at HiVocals, we encourage the growth of our vocalists and support the price you wish to price your vocals at. Therefore, unlike other websites providing similar services, we have no maximum price you can sell your vocals at.

However, to provide realistic goals for our users, we would like to inform you that the highest vocal we have seen sold went for $999.

When we refer to an 'Exclusive Vocal', we are referring to a vocal, which will only be sold to one individual buyer.

This buyer will be buying the rights to not only use, but own your vocal and will legally be able to produce, promote and monetize the Exclusive Vocal however they wish. They are the sole owner and have full control of that vocal once sold to them.

When we refer to a 'Non-Exclusive Vocal', we are referring to a vocal, which can be sold an unlimited amount of times to an unlimited number of buyers. Although these buyers do not own your vocal, they are paying for a license to use it, and monetize it in their upcoming release.

Yes! You have the ability to delete and edit your vocals after they have been uploaded.

Most definitley! We encourage both our customers and our vocalists to network through our service. Just go to the RECENT SALES tab at the bottom-middle of your artist dashboard. Then click on VIEW MORE HERE, then click on the 3 blue dots to the right of one of your Sold Vocals, and scroll down to see all of the Buyer’s Information.

Buyers will also receive your contact information. Since we're strictly a marketplace, any agreements or collaborations between the seller and the buyer outside of our site are not our responsibility.

Not at all. HiVocal is simply a marketplace that connects both sellers and buyers, giving vocalists the capability to monetize their voice. Our values entail allowing talented vocalists to create an income monetizing their passion; we have no desire in owning any of your music or taking an unfair cut of your earnings.

Through joining our site you are simply giving us permission to support you in selling
your vocals.

You will get your own customisable profile page as soon as you upload your first vocal to the site. We have this feature to avoid our buyers having to scroll through empty profiles.

In preparation for this step, we ask you please fill-out your profile at the “PROFILE” tab under “My Account” so that we can easily transfer your photo and biography over to the site when the time comes.

Absolutley! We provide our buyers mulltiple filters for seraching through your vocal products; one being filter by genre.

Our HiVocals team is made up of lovers for all musical genres! Your vocals are welcome for submission whether they be EDM, Pop, Ballad, Rock, Hyper-pop, etc.

For any enquiries or questions please email and one of our Customer Support Representives will be in touch within 24 hours!

If you have any other questions or suggestions to help us further improve our service for you, please feel free to reach out! Our team is always happy to help and improve our site!

- HiVocals